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USDR focuses on thorough, professional, quality Workmanship that each person in need of Roofing and Restoration services deserves. USDR Is willing to Advocate For You, as a Property Owner,  while working with and teaching the insurance companies, who may not fully understand, what is needed as a Builder to Restore/Rebuild/Replace properties with what is needed to be given Proper warranty. If you have fallen victim to denied property claims or feel like your insurance has not been fair to you. USDR is here to help.


Is to advocate for policy holders of property insurance and Make sure the insurance industry is held accountable in restoring property back to pre-existing conditions. 

USDR​ does not do repairs. Our focus aims toward commercial projects and flat roofs. We are a full roofing replacement restoration company that advocates for the property owners speaking with insurance companies to get serious, professional, TLC back to owners everywhere.

  • Call our emergency service line at (575) 800-0245. You may​ also contact us to request a quote or ​estimate. We’re always ready to help! 

USDR Services Include:

The Best General Contractors In Las Cruces New Mexico 

•Top Roofing Crews & Roofing Contractors In Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Commercial Buildings Roofing and Restoration.

• Residential Homes with Flat Roofs. 

• Nationally Ranked Xactimate Services. 

• Las Cruces, New Mexico Commercial Flat Roofing General Contractors. 

Insurance Restoration Industry.

• Fire Damage Restoration Experts.

Flood Damage Restoration Professionals.

• Storm Damage Restoration. 

Wind Damage Restoration.

• Hail Damaged Roof, Hail Impacts on Flat Roof, Hail Hits Roofing Pros, HailStorm Roofing Crews.  

Hire USDR to Advocate For You On The Property Claims Process.

•General Contractor for Roofing and Restoration to Damages on Commercial Buildings or Commercial Businesses. 

Elite / Professional / Experienced Roofing and Restoration General Contractors for Commercial Properties having Flat Roofs.

​United States ​Disaster Response in Las Cruces, New Mexico is here to lift you up! We provide disaster response services for commercial properties in and around the Las Cruces area.

Our rapidly responding, honest, and hardworking technicians will offer you peace of mind following the event of fire and smoke, water damage, mold damage, and other emergencies. Our experience in the industry, advanced equipment and technology, and commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction make us unparalleled in our field.

  • Prompt Response, Quality Results
  • 24/7 Services
  • Certified Service Professionals
  • Market-Proven Superior Equipment
  • General Contractors - Fully Licensed/Bonded/Insured.





Your search for a Commercial Flat Roofing General Contractor company you can count on ends with United States Disaster Response in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our disaster response experts assist victims of man-made and natural disasters in transitioning​ back into their normal lives. We work in the insurance restoration industry. As we advocate for policy holders of Commercial Businesses, USDR is confidently working with the insurance industry to help the insurance industry take a deeper look Into the building process and to understand what it takes to fully restore properties back to Pre-Existing Conditions.

The primary focus and the core of our disaster response company is to assist commercial and residential property owners  with the necessary repairs of their properties with flat roofs.


Licensed in June 2020, our disaster response company always goes the extra mile in serving our clients. We believe in providing you with the kind of services that’s second to none. United States Disaster Response is founded on December 1, 2019 with a vision to give our clients the best services possible.

That’s why we focus on quality over quantity in workmanship and exhibit honest contracting abilities. With us, you can be sure your needs are well taken care of!

USDR is known for using top-quality materials from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We also use state-of-the-art tools, including:

  • DRONES - used for aerial inspections, as well as hundreds of photo measurements and documentation for FACT-BASED WORK ONLY. NO FLUFF.
  • THERMAL IMAGING DEVICES - used to pick up the emissivity of materials (thermals are used for picking up moisture readings inside walls / roofs/ ceilings/ floors) this is to identify where leaks are at.

USDR is here to help. We are equipped to handle large loss commercial insurance claims. If you give us 3% of your trust, we will earn the rest because we hold insurance accountable and focus on quality restoration. The only catch is that USDR takes longer than the “FLY BY NIGHT Storm Chasers” that come in and leave without holding their workmanship warranty and will not be back to handle a repair if needed. USDR cares, and will prove ourselves as General Contractors in the Commercial Restoration Industry.